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5 Tips to Help Prevent Water Damage


Household water damage is extremely common and can cause a large problem for homeowners- while costing them a lot of money in the process. Here are 5 tips to help you to prevent water damage from occurring in your own home.

1. Learn the location of your main shut-off valve. Don’t wait until an emergency to start searching for it. You can often find the shut-off valve located near your water meter or close to where your main water line enters your home

2. Check your supply lines. Checking up on the supply lines and making sure there are no leaks can save you from future problems.

3. Be smart about your water usage. Make sure to avoid running any water appliances overnight or when you and your family are not home, and especially while on vacation.

4. Maintain your home. Be on the lookout for any missing shingles or damage that may have occurred on your roof. Keep your gutters clean. Make sure that water is being funneled away from your home’s foundation as opposed to towards it.

5. Stay connected. Home monitoring apps or even home sensors can help you detect any trouble that may arise on your property. This will allow you to start taking care of any issues you may have as soon as they arise.

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