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83% of US homeowners unprepared for natural disaster – Esurance study

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Insurance Business Magazine report that 83% of homeowners in the United States are unprepared for a natural disaster according to a recent study by Esurance, an Allstate-owned insurance company. The study found that these homeowners felts unprepared for an unexpected natural disaster.

In Florida, people usually wait until the last minute to scramble and pick up the emergency supplies they may need to outlast a storm during hurricane season. But if you don’t scramble fast enough, you may be out of luck. Within days of a storm being announced, shelves at the local supermarket are cleared out and drivers line up down the block to wait for a gas station. With hurricane season officially underway, we at Insurance Litigation Group want to ensure that you prepare sooner rather than later.

During a hurricane, a community could possibly lose their electric power, their water and their access to stores or gas stations. Depending on the intensity of the storm, a community may be left without these necessities for a few days after the storm as well.

Be sure to visit our Hurricane Preparation Checklist here. Floridians should be aware of the damage that hurricanes can cause to their homes and businesses, and also understand how to fully recover their property and business losses from their insurance companies.

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