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A Fleeting Pause on Atlantic Hurricane Season

A Fleeting Pause on Atlantic Hurricane Season

This year’s hurricane season began at a rapid pace, as Hurricane Elsa hit the Florida Panhandle. According to the Washington Post, this break in storms is an opportunity for the community to regroup and prepare for what is to come.

The National Hurricane Center has indicated a pause in the storms for now, but there is reason to believe that they will be back and harsher than ever in August. The following are factors for lack of storms currently.

First, the atmosphere is currently not in an optimal position for organized convection, meaning no storms are going to form. This is due in part to the current activities of the “Saharan Air Layer”, a collection of sand and dust that will not allow air to rise. Without this rising air, a storm cannot form.  

Second, if a storm did form currently, it would most likely be destroyed. This is due to the harsh winds in the Atlantic currently, which would rip apart any organized convection.

And third, there is sinking air over the Atlantic currently, providing yet another obstacle that any potential storm would find difficult to overcome.

This will not be a long break however, as experts are predicting storms to begin gaining momentum again in August. In addition to this, conditions indicate a trend away from the north east. This means that storms are going to be pushed west and are likely to results in more landfall over populated areas.

This period of time in between storms is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself and your family against potential storms.

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