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Are Category 5 Hurricanes here to stay?


There have been five different Category 5 hurricanes (the strongest, most destructive hurricane) in the past four hurricane seasons in the Atlantic, leaving wonder as to whether or not this trend is here to stay.

A Penn State University meteorologist Michael Mann recently commented on the issue, stating that as global warming continues on, the intensity of hurricanes will continue to get worse and worse. The strengthening intensity of future storms will cause for more destruction of homes, business, cities, etc. while also increasing chances of power outages and other detrimental outcomes.

While Category 5 hurricanes have happened many times in the past, it is clear to meteorologists and experts that conditions will only worsen if our oceans continue to get warmer. The North Atlantic Ocean specifically has been warming up more than other areas of water globally.

While these Category 5 hurricanes are not what anyone would like to see, they should not come as much of a shock. There is expectancy of future storms with similar intensity due to the warming of our waters.

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