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Bay County Code Enforcement Hearing Updates


Due to the effects of Hurricane Michael, Bay County Code Enforcement has had an extremely large amount of properties that have had to be managed because of damages. Code enforcement was suspended up until around April of last year, but when code enforcements began once again, it was clear that many properties needed to be investigated.

Beginning in April 2019, extensive investigations of the damaged properties took place. Those who ignored notices sent throughout the year were sent an official notice of violation in October, and those residents had the opportunity to show some sort of plan of action hearings at two different hearings held recently by code enforcement. 

“The first day we had the hearings, about 50% of the cases showed up,” said Bay County Enforcement Manager, Kathi Ashman. “There’s usually very little participation in the last five years I’ve been a part of it.” Ashman says that this year they have seen a large increase in the number of damaged homes.

Many residents have struggled with receiving building permits to improve their homes, causing problems.

Property owners will have 30 days to present a plan of action before facing a $1,000 fine along with the property being demolished.

For more information regarding the Bay County Code Enforcement hearings, visit here.

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