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What Every Small Business Owner Should Know to Prepare for Potential Disasters

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Being prepared for any disaster that may arise is vital for every business owner, no matter how big or small their business may be. One thing to keep in mind is communication post-disaster. It is important to have the ability to talk to others once the storm has passed but its’ remnants remain. This… Read More »


Insurance Lobbyists Hope for Mandatory Flood Disclosure

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Insurance lobbyists are currently urging for mandatory disclosure of flooding to be adopted in the state and national levels due to outdated FEMA flood maps causing homeowners to have risk of uninsured damages and more risks of flooding in general. There is the possibility of this becoming a reality with the National Flood Insurance… Read More »


The Difficulties of Getting a Tax Break for Flood Damages

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

While battling flood damage, it can be extremely difficult to get a tax break for it. Here’s what every homeowner should know. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act limits the extent at which individuals can claim a deduction for property damages This act causes people to only be able to claim losses if the… Read More »


Should Flood Insurance Be A Priority?

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

When buying a new home, you have a lot to consider- your time, patience, commitment and research are all vital components in becoming a homeowner. Buyers consider an abundance of potential issues that may arise while living in their new home- and oftentimes, floods may be one of them. Buyers and homeowners should make… Read More »

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Stop giving hurricane victims the insurance run around

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The residents of Florida have dealt with the consequences of hurricanes for years. Home damage and flooding are two major factors that affect the life of all residents. In addition to this, over the past years there has been another major consequence that went from being a blessing to a curse: insurance. The Tampa… Read More »

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5 of the most powerful, destructive hurricanes in Florida’s history

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

One of the things Florida is most known for is: hurricanes. AccuWeather came up with the 5 most know and powerful hurricanes that have hit Florida in the past years. Okeechobee Hurricane (1928): Making landfall as a category 4 hurricane near West Palm Beach on Sept 16, it caused over 2,5000 fatalities, most of… Read More »

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Study Affirms Callahan Prime For Flooding

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

On May 21, 2019, more than 30 residents of Nassau County attended a meeting to look at area and floods maps as well as review a study that predicts that areas in and around Callahan are vulnerable for flooding even in the event of a category one hurricane. The Nassau County record covered the… Read More »

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‘Water is what’s killing people:’ Hurricanes could drench Florida in catastrophic flooding

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

After flooding caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Florence, experts fear this year’s hurricane season could have the same catastrophic consequences in Florida. During this year’s Governor’s Hurricane Conference, Ken Graham, National Hurricane Center Director, pointed out the statistics surrounding the dangers of flooding caused by hurricanes. He also spoke about how these are influenced… Read More »

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5 tips to help protect your home, belongings during flood

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

One of the biggest concerns and hazards during hurricane season is flooding caused by the amount of rain that occurs during such a short period of time. Because of this, News 6 Orlando has come up with 5 measures that homeowners can take to protect their homes from flooding this year: Check to see… Read More »

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US Air Force: Nearly $5B needed for hurricane, flood damage

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The U.S. Air Force detailed the needs and costs to rebuild two Florida Panhandle Hurricane Michael ravaged bases, costing nearly $5 billion.  They are Tyndall and Offutt.  Like many homeowners in the Panama City Beach area, Hurricane Michael dished out a combination of flooding from the tremendous storm surge combined with Cat 4 winds… Read More »

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