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What Every Small Business Owner Should Know to Prepare for Potential Disasters

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Being prepared for any disaster that may arise is vital for every business owner, no matter how big or small their business may be. One thing to keep in mind is communication post-disaster. It is important to have the ability to talk to others once the storm has passed but its’ remnants remain. This… Read More »


How to Prevent Storm Damage

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Windstorms can do a lot of damage to one’s home or business, which is why it is so important to prevent it in any way possible. Here are some prevention tips that can help potentially avoid some, or even all possible windstorm damage from occurring in your home or place of work. Bring any… Read More »


FPL Settlement Approved on Irma Costs

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

After Hurricane Irma swept across Florida one of the major consequences it left behind was damages regarding electricity. On July 9 of this year, utility regulators signed-off on a $1.3 billion agreement that involves Florida Power & Light’s expenses for the restoration of electricity after the hurricane. The settlement is between FPL, the state… Read More »

Climate Report

5 of the most powerful, destructive hurricanes in Florida’s history

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

One of the things Florida is most known for is: hurricanes. AccuWeather came up with the 5 most know and powerful hurricanes that have hit Florida in the past years. Okeechobee Hurricane (1928): Making landfall as a category 4 hurricane near West Palm Beach on Sept 16, it caused over 2,5000 fatalities, most of… Read More »

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Climate Change Might Weaken Wind Barrier Protecting Florida from Hurricanes

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The Miami News Times published an article addressing a new study from NOAA and Columbia University that claims that due to climate change the wind shear along the East Coast will likely weaken. The study says that greenhouse gases are going to weaken the wind shear which ultimately acts as a barrier that protects… Read More »

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Hurricane 2019: Event gives residents advice on preparing for hurricane season

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Dan Summers, director of Collier County’s Bureau of Emergency Services and Marla Ottenstein, Naple Daily News Get Organized columnist, spoke Wednesday, June 5 at an event hosted by the Naples Daily News about how to prepare for the next big storm. Summers presentation highlighted the important facts to consider when deciding to evacuate your… Read More »

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Ron DeSantis awards $78.1M for Hurricane Irma recovery in Miami-Dade County

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, announced that the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) is granting $78.1 million in funding to the Miami-Dade County to aid in the recovery from Hurricane Irma. In a statement by FDEM director Jared Moskowitz he said “When I took over at FDEM, Governor DeSantis directed me to speed… Read More »

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First Hurricane Michael hammered the Panhandle. Now survivors fear fires, floods.

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Meet Rodney Andreasen, Jackson County emergency management director and one of the many victims who still suffers from the consequences Hurricane Michael has had on Florida’s northwest. Due to the wreckage and debris left behind after the hurricane, Panhandle has suffered from other natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires and even the fear of their… Read More »

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Forecasters slightly boost the projected number of storms this Atlantic hurricane season

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science projected an increase in the numbers of hurricanes predicted from five to six and an increase in the number of named storms, including tropical storms from 13 to 14. Despite this prediction, the CSU made clear in an article published in The… Read More »

The great miami storm

Florida History: The biggest hurricanes to hit Florida, part one

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The state of Florida has been known for its hot weather, beautiful coastlines and of course Disney World, but there is also another not so pretty thing that characterizes this state: hurricanes. Sticking out at the bottom of the country, with a 1,350-mile coastline, Florida is located in a place that makes it the… Read More »

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