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Element Apartments Allow Residents Back in After Flood

Element Apartments Allow Residents Back in After Flood (1)

According to Fox 13 Tampa Bay, early on the morning of July 16th, residents of Element apartments woke up to alarms, signaling a significant water main break. There was so no sign that there had been a fire, but sprinklers went off and flooded the building on the 27th floor and below. After an investigation, officials found that this was the result of a breach in a main municipal water supply line.

After the flood, crew worked around the clock to fix the apartment, having over 500 residents evacuated and living in hotels for the week.

Following a Monday morning inspection by Tampa’s fire marshal, residents were permitted to reenter the building. After 10 days displaced, residents are unhappy with the conditions they are finding their homes in. Carpets previously soaked through have not been replaced, belongings are ruined, and flooded elevators were simply drained and not replaced. After the horrors of the Surfside collapse in Miami, residents are feeling unsafe, and many predict that they will be moving into new buildings.

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