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Florida contractors working under AOB under pressure from citizens and courts

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There is no doubt that Florida’s restoration industry and their right to work under assignment of benefits (AOB) is under attack by the insurance industry.  A Florida News Service article discussed Citizens Insurance President Barry Gillway is delaying rate increases until after his planned roundtable discussions on “finding solutions to assignment of benefits.”

Gillway added in a statement:  “The bottom line is AOB abuse and runaway litigation threaten to raise premiums for many Citizens policyholders who otherwise would see their rates remain steady or go down.”

PDF of decision is here.

On Florida’s property insurance legal front, the restoration industry took a hit in the District Court of Appeal’s Fourth District with the September 5th decision to where Restoration 1 of Port St. Lucie challenged Ark Royal Insurance Company’s policy language requiring signatures from mortgagees and all assignees before approving assignment of benefits.

The three judge panel affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of the complaint and declaratory judgment action and held that the language of the assignment of benefits provision in the instant insurance contract was enforceable.

ILG attorneys have seen it all and routinely work with AOB contractors throughout Florida to litigate insurance company disputes and seek to maximize recovery of their claims.  Whether you have one case or 100 cases, let ILG put its experienced insurance attorneys to work for you to get your property owners what they truly deserve.

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