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Four New Storm Disturbances Found: What You Need to Know

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Experts warn that there are two disturbances close to Florida as well as two more in the Atlantic that could develop into something more serious.The third of the four total disturbances is the one that seems to be of the highest interest to South Florida specifically. 

The first disturbance seems to be weak and should not pose as a large threat. While there is a chance that it will develop into a tropical depression as it approaches the western Gulf, experts advise that there is no sign showing it will get too strong. 

Disturbance #2 is larger than the first, and seems to be getting quite organized as it moves across the Bahamas. As it moves across the Florida peninsula today and tomorrow, it is likely to bring heavy rain in certain areas along with a strong surge of tropical moisture. It has the potential to become a tropical depression in the next few days, and will be continuously watched over the next week. 

The third disturbance is currently near the eastern Atlantic, and is quite large, making it difficult to determine where exactly its circulation is going to consolidate. Experts are watching closely to see what happens with the system in the following days to be able to determine where its final destination will end up being. Other storms currently in the Atlantic may also act as determining factors for the outcome of disturbance #3. If it gains strength soon it could move north, while if it moves too quickly or remains weak, it may not ever end up going north.

Disturbance #4 is right behind the third disturbance, which may cause an interaction between the two systems in the next few days, which would cause a change in forecast challenges. Experts are watching this disturbance closely and predict that there may be a chance of it developing into something stronger.

As we navigate through the peak of hurricane season, we must be prepared for anything that may come our way.

Every homeowner’s policy is different. To ensure you’re prepared for the next hurricane or major storm event, it’s critical for someone to review your policy who knows what to look for, so you can understand what you do and do not have coverage for.

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