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Hurricane Michael-damaged homes in Big Bend could be fixed thanks to Florida program


On January 29th, the Florida department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) announced that the application period is open to homeowners in Hurricane Michael affected areas for the Rebuild Florida Housing Repair and Replacement Program.

The program which initially launched in September 2018, has made $246 million in federal long-term recovery dollars available to residents in a dozen counties across the Big Bend region.

According to a recent press release, the grant program “will provide long-term assistance in repairing, rebuilding or replacing Hurricane Michael-damaged homes” belonging to low-to-moderate income residents who still live on the property.

Under the HUD guidelines, a family of four in Bay County who earned $55,500 or less each year would meet the income threshold to give priority to assistance.

Low- and moderate-income (LMI) households and those with certain vulnerabilities such households with senior citizens, children, or individuals with special needs, will be prioritized.

Residents may apply online, in-person or via the Rebuild Florida mobile app. They can call 888-530-3025 for more information and to schedule an appointment to complete the application at one of four Rebuild Florida residents.

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