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Hurricane Prep: What You Need to Know

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It is important not to wait until a hurricane hits to begin preparation- Floridians should be prepared ahead of time. Weather can change quite quickly, and this may not allow for much time for prep in time of need.

We are currently at the peak of Hurricane Season this year, and it is pivotal for people to implement a plan that you can have in place in case a disaster does strike. It is also important for individuals to make sure that they have the proper supplies at hand, so that you do not need to rush at the last minute to get your supplies, leaving you with limited, or possibly no options.

Make sure to not only get the supplies you need, but to also make sure that you organize all of your personal and financial information so that you are prepared in the case of a disaster. Make sure to also have the proper insurance information that you may need if a storm hits. Educate yourself on how to file claims post-disaster, the Assignment of Benefits (AOB), and what you should be expecting after a storm. is a great resource for Floridians to go on and receive the proper information regarding disaster/storm preparedness, tips, and more.

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