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Peak of hurricane season is just around the corner

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Between mid-August and mid-October meteorologists prepare for many storms as it is considered the peak of the season. However, multiple sources are warning individuals to prepare for an above-average amount of storms this year.

Historical data shows that Atlantic conditions yield themselves to favorable tropical development near the Cape Verde Islands not just for more frequent storms but also more powerful ones. System-killing factors such as dry wind or upper atmosphere wind shear are less in play, said Spectrum News 13 meteorologist Maureen McCann. Continue reading here on the Orlando Sentinel.

A recent opinion piece in the Sun Sentinel also discussed this year’s hurricane season and why homeowner’s should get their policy reviewed as soon as possible.

We Can Help – Free Policy Review!

The property claim experts at Insurance Litigation Group are ready to help you prepare for the 2021 hurricane season by providing you with a free, qualified review of your home insurance policy.

If you have experienced an insurance loss from a major storm, don’t be surprised if the insurance company’s first reaction is to claim that your damage is due to some pre-existing condition or assert that your claim is not covered under the terms of your policy or even cancel your policy based on recently-discovered “errors” in your application. But don’t worry.

At ILG, our experienced and aggressive attorneys take the time to analyze and interpret your policy and understand the full measure of damages available to you. We work with construction experts, restoration professionals and others to determine the facts.

Don’t delay and contact us today for a free consultation in Florida. The Insurance Litigation Group will walk you through the terms of your insurance policy and help you recover the full extent of your covered losses.

Free Initial In-Home Consultation Complete the form below to have ILG contact you for a complimentary consultation regarding your claims. Our fees are often paid by the insurance company, and as always, No Recovery, No Fee. * All Fields Required.
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