Per a new survey, Floridians are more concerned about climate change than the majority of Americans | Insurance Litigation Group, P.A.
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Per a new survey, Floridians are more concerned about climate change than the majority of Americans

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According to a poll conducted by the Florida-based Saint Leo University Polling Institute, Floridians are more concerned about climate change than most Americans. Additionally, the level of concern among Republicans in weather-ravaged South Florida is higher than most Republicans elsewhere in the country.

The survey showed that approximately 75 percent of the 1,500 respondents said they are concerned about climate change, with nearly 40 percent saying they are “very concerned.”

The findings are consistent with a larger survey conducted in October by the Pew Research Center, which discovered that 70 percent of its 11,0001 respondents consider climate to be a very important (42 percent) or somewhat important (26 percent) issue when voting for national leaders.

According to the press release, political scientist Frank Orlando, director of Saint Leo’s Polling Institute, climate change is a concern for 61 percent of Florida Republicans, which is 10 percentage points higher than Republican politicians nationwide.

This year, Republican leaders in the Florida Legislature, including House Speaker Chris Sprowls, will call for state funding to support municipalities prepare for sea-level rise and inland flooding. The Republican leaders do not specifically link flooding to climate change, but they do cite flooding forecasts produced by climate researchers.

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