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Getting Commercial Business Owners Back on their Feet after a Devastating Loss

Insurance Litigation Group helps business owners in Florida pursue claims for business interruption and other damages under their commercial property insurance coverage. The attorneys and former public adjusters at ILG understand the unique factors involved in evaluating the measure of damages to a business. We know that your expenses may involve more than simply repairing or rebuilding the premises. Our lawyers take the time to understand your needs and the terms of your policy and fight for all applicable damages, such as:

  • Loss of rental income
  • Loss of customers – even minor damage to an establishment can keep customers away
  • Loss of business due to a government-mandated closure of an area
  • Moving and rental costs when temporary quarters are needed
  • Expenses to bring a building up to code after damage
  • Repair or purchase of equipment and machinery

Commercial property and casualty claims are handled differently from residential homeowner policies in several distinct ways. Importantly, the size of the claimed loss is often significantly greater in the case of a commercial claim. With greater exposure for the carrier, the insurer often makes a business decision that it is more worthwhile to litigate the claim than to simply pay the benefits owed. Bringing an attorney on-board early in the process will put you in the best position should litigation be called for.

The insurance company approach to litigation is often to delay resolution as long as possible. Business owners, however, cannot wait months or years for resolution of a legal matter. Companies have bills to pay in order to stay afloat, employees to keep on the payroll, and the need for cash flow for the business owner’s own personal living expenses in addition to all the needs of the business. At ILG, we work diligently to prepare and submit your claims properly and in a timely fashion, and we institute litigation and pursue it aggressively as needed to obtain rapid results in your favor.

Get Immediate Help with Commercial Property Claims in Florida

For a rapid response and dedicated service from qualified, experienced and successful insurance law attorneys, contact Insurance Litigation Group in Florida at 786-529-0090 for a no-cost consultation with our team of experienced insurance lawyers.

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