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Helping Restoration Professionals Obtain Reimbursement under their Assignment of Benefits

When disaster strikes, property owners often have an immediate need for professional assistance to deal with emergency cleanup and prevent further damage before more permanent repairs or rebuilding can get underway. Typically, property owners can’t wait for a delayed payment from the insurance company to come through before dealing with the damage, yet they can’t afford to hire professional services without those much-needed insurance benefits. Emergency disaster response companies, restoration professionals and mitigation companies can get to work right way by agreeing to an assignment of benefits from the policyholder, with payment for services rendered coming directly from the insurance company. Yet when the insurer decides to deny the claim or limit the benefits available, the restoration professional is caught in a bind that is often even more difficult to resolve than a first-party dispute directly between the insurer and insured.

Insurance Litigation Group caters to the needs of restoration companies and provides prompt, dedicated service to see that they are fully paid under their assignment of benefits. Our staff of experienced courtroom attorneys and former public adjusters have a deep understanding of the needs of restoration professionals, the legal issues involved, and the litigation strategies for prompt, successful resolution of insurance disputes.

Insurance companies are becoming more aggressive in their attempts to limit the ability of insureds to assign benefits, either through limiting language in policy renewals or by lobbying the legislature to place limits on the insured’s ability to assign benefits. So far these efforts have stalled in the legislature, and courts have recognized that the post-loss assignment of benefits is a valid, valuable right of the policyholder. Water loss and other mitigation must often be performed immediately to protect the property from further damage, and the ability to assign benefits provides protection for those consumers and insureds who need emergency services in areas such as:

  • Water remediation and extraction
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Debris removal
  • Reconstruction

ILG Supports the Valuable Work of Florida Restoration Professionals and Mitigation Companies

If you are an insured needing an attorney to interpret your policy regarding your ability to assign benefits, or if you are a restoration professional or mitigation company performing work under an assignment of benefits, let a knowledgeable and experienced attorney advise you of your rights and represent you in any dispute with the insurance company regarding prompt, full payment of policy benefits. Contact Insurance Litigation Group in Florida at 786-529-0090 for a free consultation or immediate assistance.

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