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Protecting Your Pets During a Hurricane Disaster


While facing hurricane season and all of its potential threats and dangers, it is important to keep your pets’ safety in mind, through all stages of this season. Since we are also facing the COVID-19 crisis as we go through hurricane season, being prepared ahead of time should be a top priority. Make your pets a part of your disaster plan, and don’t wait to do so.

  • Make sure your pets are wearing collars/tags with up-to-date identification and contact info
  • Keep a leash nearby in case of evacuation
  • Have proper food and supplies for your pets, including equipment needed for pets to potentially ride in the car. For a full list of supplies, visit here.
  • Plan where you and your pet will stay in case of evacuation
  • Consider microchips for your pet in case you and your pet are ever separated during a disaster

Additional resources you may utilize:

  • Research and contact local animal shelters in order to find out more information regarding what to do with your pets and advice on how to best incorporate them into your disaster plan.
  • Contact your local government for information on how to protect your pets throughout any emergency disasters you may face in your area.
  • Reach out to relief organizations if you need immediate sheltering assistance during a natural disaster.

Preparing for hurricane season is never easy, but is necessary. With the uncertainty of this season as well as the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to be as prepared as possible, from all angles. Make sure to include all of your loved ones, including your pets, in your disaster plan. Count on Insurance Litigation Group for the information you need on preparing for hurricane season, especially in times of COVID-19.


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