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Boca Raton Insurance Law Firm

Billions of dollars of home insurance premiums are collected every year from homeowners who wish to protect their family’s dwelling and financial investment in the homes. Home insurance provides an important function in society to guard against large catastrophic risks that are infrequent but, nevertheless devastating to the individual. It is estimated that 1 in 15 homeowners submits a claim on their home insurance policy each year. The types of claims can vary significantly from fire, theft and flood to windstorm damage.

The South Florida climate of Boca Raton is susceptible to severe weather including tropical storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  Most homeowners acquire home insurance which is referred to as “all risks” or “open risks” policy which many assume covers all forms of losses in the event of a claim. However, these home insurance policies are often the lowest form of insurance coverage allowed by a lender or bank.

When disaster strikes, an insurance policyholder may quickly learn that the insurance company is not eager to meet a claim that covers the entire damage to their property. Insurance companies are often mega-corporations who have thousands of employees with well-trained lawyers whose job it is to save the company money. If consumers feels outnumbered, they are. The bottom line is that homeowners and policyholders may be offered a lower payout on their claim than they deserve. In some circumstances, an insurer may completely deny a claim.

To protect the rights of consumers and home insurance policyholders the law firm of Insurance Litigation Group was created.  ILG can help hold the insurance company accountable for fair compensation to an insured in the event of a claim according to their obligations under the terms of the insurance policy. Each case is different and requires extensive claim processing knowledge and legal experience. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained, ILG can bring suit against an insurance carrier and litigate the Boca Raton home insurance claim in court.


Types of Boca Raton Home Risks 

Boca Raton Flood Insurance Damage

Boca Raton Hurricane Damage Insurance

Boca Raton Fire Insurance Damage

Boca Raton Windstorm Damage Insurance

Boca Raton Sinkhole Damage Insurance

Boca Raton Property Damage Insurance

Boca Raton Insurance Policy Disputes

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Methods insurance companies use to lower or deny home insurance coverage.


  • The company finds an error in your application and denies all your coverage
  • Suggest that the damage was a pre-existing condition
  • State your claim is not covered under the contractual terms of your policy
  • Give you a low offer on your claim
  • Suggest that your claim may be an act of fraud
  • Dispute whether premium was paid resulting in a lapse of coverage
  • Fail to respond in a timely manner to your claim


How ILG handles Boca Raton, Florida Insurance Claim Disputes

The law firm of Insurance Litigation Group works closely with their team of professional and private investigators to gather evidence regarding your damages. Their lawyers and team will then carefully review the insurance adjuster’s report, and file a claim for your damages that are fair under the terms of your policy.   Their lawyers and outside experts can submit legal testimony and legally advocate your case.  If circumstances require, they can litigate your case and represent you in court.

Other Insurance Issues: 

Boca Raton Commercial Business Claim Disputes


Insurance Litigation Group Serving the Boca Raton Community

Boca Raton is an affluent coastal community of approximately 96,000 residents. Boca is known for it is fine waterfront homes and premier golf courses, parks, and beaches. Red Reef Park is home to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center with trails, a butterfly garden, and a sea turtle sanctuary. The Boca Raton Museum of Art has modern and contemporary American and European collections, and a sculpture garden. Nearby Mizner Park Amphitheater hosts concerts and events. Boca Raton is a thriving community for both young families and senior retirees.

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