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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Law Firm

Millions of insurance claims are filed every year in the U.S., where approximately 1 in 15 homeowners files a claim on their insurance policy every year. The reasons for their insurance claim can vary, but often they are a result of; fire, wind, water, or smoke damage.

Fort Lauderdale‘s tropical climate and waterfront home locations create additional risk to homeowners which are often addressed through comprehensive “all risks” home insurance policies. While an “all risk” home insurance policy may sound comprehensive, the coverage it provides is often the minimum coverage required by the bank lender.

It should not be a surprise that Florida Insurance companies protect their financial interests and can often find ways to deny coverage or lower damage claim benefits in the event of your loss. Ft Lauderdale insurance policies holders often rudely find out after a disaster that their damages are in dispute with a Florida home insurance company.

Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) was created to help insurance policyholders protect their contractual rights under their home insurance agreement.   ILG has dealt with a great number of Florida Insurance claims and has a deep understanding of insurance laws, terms of insurance coverage and if necessary, can bring litigation on your claim on your insurance policy.

Types of Fort Lauderdale Home Risks 

Fort Lauderdale Flood Insurance Damage

Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Damage Insurance

Fort Lauderdale Fire Insurance Damage

Fort Lauderdale Windstorm Damage Insurance

Fort Lauderdale Sinkhole Damage Insurance

Fort Lauderdale Property Damage Insurance

Fort Lauderdale Insurance Policy Disputes

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How Insurance Companies can deny or reduce your insurance claim

  • Assert that your damage is a pre-existing condition
  • State your claim is not covered under the contractual terms of your policy
  • Give you a “low ball” offer on your claim
  • Suggest that your claim is fraudulent
  • Dispute whether you made premium payments
  • Ignore or fail to respond to your insurance claim
  • Discover an error in your application and deny you coverage


How Insurance Litigation Group handles Florida Insurance Disputes


ILG and their private investigators can gather evidence of your damages, carefully review the insurance adjuster’s report, and file a proper claim for your damages.  Our team of lawyers and experts can testify for you under oath, and be your legal advocate.  If needed, we can litigate your case in the courts.

Other Insurance Issues Handled by Litigation Insurance Group, PA

Ft Lauderdale Commercial Business Claim Disputes  

ILG Serving the legal insurance needs in Fort Lauderdale – Broward County, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a population of 170,000 and is within the Miami metropolitan area which has a population of over 6 million residents.

Ft Lauderdale is often referred to as the “Venice of America” because of its extensive canal system, with over 300 miles of waterfront, including beaches, rivers, and canals.

Ft Lauderdale – Broward County has an average year-round temperature of 75 °F and 3,000 hours of sunshine per year which attracts over 12 million US visitors and nearly 3 million international visitors from around the world.

Greater Fort Lauderdale has 561 hotels with nearly 30,000 rooms. Forty-six cruise ships sail from its Port Everglades docks. The Fort Lauderdale – Broward County area has 4,000 restaurants, 63 golf courses, 12 shopping malls, 16 museums and 100 marinas housing 45,000 luxury yachts.


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