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Fort Myers Insurance Law Firm – Insurance Litigation Group, P.A.

Millions of insurance claims are filed every year in the United States. It is estimated that 1 in 15 homeowners file a claim on their homeowner’s insurance each year. There are many reasons to file an insurance claim including: hurricane damage, water damage, roof damage, broken pipes flood, fire, smoke damage or theft.

The unique tropical climate of Fort Myers and waterfront home locations creates additional risk to homeowners. Insurance needs of Ft. Myers homeowners are often addressed by the purchase of comprehensive “all risks” home insurance policies. While “all risks” home insurance policies may sound comprehensive, the coverage they provide is often the minimum coverage required by the financial institution who writes a loan on the home.

It should not be a surprise that Florida Insurance Companies are experts in protecting their financial interests. Florida insurance carriers can often find ways to deny Ft. Myers, Florida homeowners coverage or reduce the claim payout below the true cost of the repairs to a home. Fort Myers insurance policyholders often discover that after a disaster strikes their damages and repairs are in dispute with a Florida home insurance company.

Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) was created to help protect homeowners’ insurance policyholders’ contractual rights under their home insurance agreement. ILG has dealt with a great number of Florida Insurance claims and has a deep understanding of insurance laws, terms of insurance coverage and, if necessary, will aggressively litigate your claim on your insurance policy.

Types of Ft Myers Home Risks 

Fort Myers Flood Insurance Damage

Fort Myers Hurricane Damage

Fort Myers Fire Insurance Damage

Fort Myers Windstorm Damage Insurance

Fort Myers Sinkhole Damage Insurance

Fort Myers Property Damage Insurance

Fort Myers Insurance Policy Disputes

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How a Florida Insurance Carrier can deny or reduce your home insurance payout  


  • Ignore or fail to timely respond to your insurance claim
  • Suggest your home’s damage was a pre-existing condition
  • State your claim is not covered under the contractual terms of your policy
  • Give you a “low ball” payout on your claim
  • Suggest that your claim is fraudulent
  • Dispute whether you made all your insurance premiums
  • Discover an error in your application and deny you coverage


How Florida Insurance Disputes are handled with Insurance Litigation Group


ILG and their private investigators can gather factual evidence of all your damages and carefully review the insurance company’s adjuster’s report, and file a proper claim for your damages.  Our team of attorneys and experts can represent you in an Examination Under Oath (EUO), Recorded Statement, Appraisal, Mediation, Arbitration and Trial and be your legal advocate.

Other Insurance Issues Handled by Litigation Insurance Group, PA

Ft Myers Commercial Business Claim Disputes

ILG Serving the insurance legal needs in Fort Myers – Lee County, Florida

Fort Myers is a major gateway city to the Southwest Fl. region and a popular or tourist destination within Florida. Ft. Myers is the county seat and commercial center of Lee County, Florida.  Fort Myers is a fast growing city whose population has grown to over 77,000.

Fort Myers has a unique and rich history and became the winter estate homes of Thomas Edison’s “Seminole Lodge” and Henry Ford’s “The Mangoes.” The city is named after CSA Civil War Colonel Abraham Myers. During the American Civil War, Confederate blockade runners and cattle ranchers were based at Fort Myers. These settlers prospered through trading with the Seminole and Union soldiers. The 1904 opening of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, connecting Punta Gorda to Fort Myers, greatly improved the access to the Fort Myers area.

Today, Fort Myers is famous for its World Class beaches and Tarpon fishing. The city has top-notch shopping, restaurants and has a great variety of family-friendly attractions. Recent real estate development projects have brought several large planned communities and resorts to Fort Myers and surrounding areas. Fort Myers is considered a top destination city for “snowbird” retirees migrating to southwest Florida’s sunny Gulf Coast.

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