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Fort Pierce Home Insurance Law Firm

One in fifteen US homeowners files a claim on their home insurance policy each year. These claims are often for the following: wind storm damage, fire, flood (water damage), smoke, hail damage, personal property damage or theft. Florida’s tropical climate and popularity to live in coastal areas creates a substantial risk to homeowners who need comprehensive or “all risks” insurance coverage for their home and contents. Conventional home insurance policies often just cover a bank or lender’s minimum coverage terms which are often not fully explained by an agent or understood and scrutinized by Florida home insurance policyholders.

When a claim request occurs on a Florida home insurance policy the insurance company may state a variety of reasons why a claim is delayed or denied. As a policy owner, you should know that insurance companies typically act to protect their financial interests and to a lesser extent yours. When a disaster strikes and damages or losses occur, Florida homeowner insurance policy owners are often shocked that an insurance company may attempt to deny, dispute or delay the payment of a legitimate insurance claim.

If you have important home insurance claim dispute or legal issues or concerns, call the Fort Pierce office of Insurance Litigation Group for a consultation at (772) 248-4050.

During the stressful circumstance of dealing with uncooperative insurance companies, Fort Pierce insurance policy owners should equip themselves with the full legal resources and skills of the Insurance Litigation Group who specialize in protecting the rights and financial interests of home insurance policy owners across the state of Florida.

With an office in Fort Pierce, the Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) can quickly step in and aggressively fight the insurance company on your behalf. The law firm of ILG works with individual consumers who have residential home insurance policyholders, businesses commercial policyholders as well as home and business restoration and mitigation companies. The Fort Pierce lawyers of Insurance Litigation Group have a deep understanding of insurance company tactics, critical policy terms and state insurance statutes and cutting-edge technology to aggressively pursue and manage your home insurance claim case throughout the dispute and legal process.

Types of Fort Pierce Home Insurance Risks

If you have important insurance issues or concerns, call the Fort Pierce office of Insurance Litigation Group for a consultation at (772) 248-4050.

Types Florida Home Insurance Claims:

Wind and Hail damage: Home insurance policy terms cover wind damage from any source including hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes. Home insurance companies generally cannot increase the deductible for named storms or on homeowner’s insurance policies that have been in effect for more than three years.

Homeowners Fire Insurance: Fire insurance is a home insurance coverage that pays for damages to property and other losses you may suffer from a fire. It can pay for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property in your home. Fire coverage is included in most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Water Damage: Home insurance coverage for water damage is typically for the unexpected event of a broken water pipe or plumbing causing material home damage. However, most home Florida home insurance policies cover water damage from a leaking roof.

Loss of Use – Home Insurance: In the unfortunate event that you were temporarily unable to live in your home or property due to an incident is where the loss of use insurance kicks in. Also referred to as additional expenses insurance or part D coverage, loss of use homeowner’s insurance covers living expenses that you incur if your home is deemed uninhabitable.

Florida Homeowners Liability Insurance:  Personal liability coverage protects you if you’re legally responsible for damage to someone’s property, or if you accidentally injure someone regardless whether you’re at home or not.

Injury on Your Property

If someone is injured on your property, your personal liability insurance helps pay for their medical bills and other potential costs. If you’re found liable, liability coverage of your homeowners’ policy can also protect you from legal expenses.

Negligent Acts of Children and Others

If accidental damage occurs to someone else’s property by a member of your household, the liability portion of your homeowner’s insurance helps provide protection against associated costs from the accident.

Dog Bites: The liability portion of your homeowner’s insurance policy can help provide protection if your dog bites a person or another animal. But, not all dogs may meet the criteria to be included under your policy.

Theft: Typical homeowners (including renters and condominium) policies include coverage for your personal property. Loss due to theft is generally included as part of personal property protection. Please note that personal property limits are initially set as a percentage of your dwelling coverage, which determines how much your insurance provider can reimburse you for the theft.

Sinkhole Claims: Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not include coverage for sinkhole damage, although homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida are required to offer the coverage.

Techniques that an insurance company may use to attempt deny, delay or limit your home or business insurance policy claim.

  • Offer you a low-ball settlement amount that does not fully cover your damages and cost of repairs
  • Suggest that the damage occurred was a pre-existing condition 
  • Assert that your claim is not covered under the terms of your policy
  • Allege that your legitimate claim is somehow fraudulent
  • Claim that you did not pay your home insurance policy premiums
  • Fail to timely investigate or properly respond to your claim
  • Outright cancel your insurance policy based discovered “errors” in your application

The Insurance Dispute Recovery Process

The Florida home insurance lawyers of the Insurance Litigation Group can quickly dispatch their highly skilled team of professional insurance investigators who will gather evidence of the damage, review the insurance adjuster’s report, and file your claim or proof of loss statement.

If your case becomes more deeply disputed, your Insurance Litigation Group home insurance lawyer will represent your interests during any examination under oath, and be a legal advocate on your behalf. If required, your ILG lawyer will aggressively pursue litigation in court and make every effort that you get the insurance claim benefits you deserve. 

Additional Insurance Issues Handled by Home Insurance Lawyers with Insurance Litigation Group, PA

Fort Pierce Commercial Insurance Claim Disputes

Common Areas of Commercial Insurance Policy Disputes

COVERAGE LIMITS AND EXCLUSIONS: Conflicting opinions and interpretations of contract wording, including insurance peril limits covered by the terms and conditions of the commercial insurance policy.

DISPUTING DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS AMOUNTS: Differing valuations for projected or actual damages or incurred losses. In property cases, this can include inadequate assessments of structural damage, required repair and remediation costs, and insufficient projected profit losses for the business.

DUTY TO DEFEND: Disagreements over the insurer’s duty to provide an adequate legal defense for a policyholder in a lawsuit.

ILG Serving the legal needs of Fort Pierce, Florida insurance policyholders

Sunny Fort Pierce Florida is a highly desirable community for families, retirees and businesses. It combines a rich level of amenities both recreationally and culturally but without the high-density congestion and hassle of other Florida communities.

The low-key beaches and popular downtown area of Fort Pierce are well maintained and offer a quiet refuge for both residents and visitors.

Fort Pierce is the location of the county seat of St. Lucie County, Florida. The city is part of the Treasure Coast region of Atlantic Coast Florida it is known as the Sunrise City and is the sister to San Francisco, California. As of 2018, the population recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau was 46,071.

Fort Pierce was named after the Fort Pierce Army post which was built nearby in 1838 during the Second Seminole War. The military post had been named after US army officer Benjamin Kendrick Pierce, the brother of President Franklin Pierce.

In 2005, Fort Pierce was awarded the City of Excellence Award by the Florida League of Cities for overall excellence in city government and in 2011, Main Street Fort Pierce, Inc. received the Great American Main Street Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation in downtown.

Past Hurricane Activity in Fort Pierce, Florida

The damage incurred by hurricanes Frances and Jeanne to the Fort Pierce City Marina required FEMA to step in and mandate a plan to ensure that the rebuilt facility would be protected in the future. In 2012, construction began to create 12 artificial barrier islands including oyster beds, lime rock artificial reefs, mangrove fringes and coastal dunes. The project was completed after six years of planning, permitting and construction at a cost of $18 million.

Hurricane / Cities Served by Insurance Litigation Group

If you have important insurance issues or concerns, call the Fort Pierce office of Insurance Litigation Group for a consultation at (772) 248-4050.

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