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Hialeah Insurance Law Firm

The home insurance industry is a multibillion-dollar industry which processes millions of insurance claims per year. It is estimated that over 6% of American’s claim their homeowners’ insurance policy each year. Common causes for insurance claims include: flood damage, windstorm, fire (smoke) or personal property theft or damage.

In Hialeah, the South Florida tropical climate puts the area at greater risk from severe weather produced by tropical storms and hurricanes.  Most homeowners have insurance policies which are commonly referred to as “all risks” or “open risks” policies which may sound reassuring but are, more often than not, the lowest form of insurance coverage that is acceptable to a bank or lender.

When disaster strikes, an insurance policyholder may quickly learn that their “friendly” insurance company is now their adversary. Insurance companies have a legion of lawyers and constituents that protect their financial interests, and unlike an average consumer, they have vast experience and resources.  The bottom line is that homeowners and policyholders may be offered a lower payout on their claim than they deserve. In many circumstances, an insurer may deny a claim in its entirety.

The Law Firm of Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) was created to protect the rights of policyholders so their claims are handled properly, and they are fairly compensated under the terms of their insurance policy.  ILG has a concentration in insurance law, whose staff has many years of experience and a deep understanding of insurance statutes and insurance provider terms.  If circumstances require litigation, we can pursue that path when it is in the best interest of the Hialeah home insurance client.

Types of Hialeah Home Risks 

Hialeah Flood Insurance Damage

Hialeah Hurricane Damage Insurance

Hialeah Fire Insurance Damage

Hialeah Windstorm Damage Insurance

Hialeah Sinkhole Damage Insurance

Hialeah Property Damage Insurance

Hialeah Insurance Policy Disputes

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How your insurance policy claim can be denied or lowered by an insurance company


  • The company may “discover” an error in your application and deny coverage
  • State that the damage was a pre-existing condition
  • State your claim is not covered under the contractual terms of your policy
  • Give you a low offer on your claim
  • Suggest that your claim is improper or fraudulent
  • Dispute the payments of insurance premiums
  • Fail to respond in a timely manner to your claim, creating a financial hardship


How ILG handles Florida Insurance Claim Disputes


ILG works closely with their team of professional and private investigators to gather evidence regarding your damages. They then carefully review the insurance adjuster’s report and file a claim for your damages that are fair under the terms of the policy.  Their attorneys and a team of experts can submit legal testimony and legally advocate your case.  If circumstances require, they can litigate your case and represent you in court proceedings.

Other Insurance Issues:

Hialeah Commercial Business Claim Disputes

Hialeah, Florida Insurance Litigation Law Firm Serving the Community

Hialeah, Florida has a population over 225,000 making it the sixth-largest city in Florida. Hialeah has the highest percentage of Cuban American residents of any city in the United States, at 75.3% of the population, making the Latino culture a distinctive and prominent feature of the city’s dynamic personality.

Hialeah is home to one of the most famed horse racing track in America. Built in 1925, and nicknamed the “Grand Dame,” it is considered one of the grandest of thoroughbred horse racing parks with its majestic Mediterranean style of architecture. The Hialeah Park Race Track also holds the dual distinction of being an Audubon Bird Sanctuary due to its famous pink flamingos and being listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hialeah is an important part of South Florida and American contemporary history. The famous aviator Amelia Earhart said her final good-byes to the continental U.S. from Hialeah as she left on her ill-fated flight around the world in 1937.

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