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Treasure Coast Home Insurance Law Firm

Every year in the United States 1 in 15 homeowners file a claim on the homeowners’ insurance policy. Under the terms of the homeowner’s policy, these claims are often for the following: water or wind damage, fire, theft or personal liability. Unfortunately, many of these claims encounter significant disputes between the insurance carrier and the home insurance policy owner. The investment people make in their home is one of their most significant financial commitments they make in their lifetime. Preserving their home’s asset value often requires a significant repair that homeowners count on to be paid for by their home insurance policy. When an insurance claim becomes disputed, it’s a time of incredible stress and worries for a consumer. The Florida Law Firm of Insurance Litigation Group was created to protect the financial and legal interests of Treasure Coast Florida insurance policy holders and to give them the peace of mind they deserve.

If you have important home insurance claim dispute or legal issues or concerns, call the Treasure Coast – Fort Pierce office of Insurance Litigation Group for a consultation at (772) 248-4050.

The east central coast of Florida is often called the Treasure Coast. This coastal region includes; Martin, Indian River and St Lucie County Florida. The area is a favorite of snow bird retirees who appreciate the area’s warm and sunny winter climate and low-density high amenities communities. Unfortunately, living on the central Atlantic Coast of Florida does have its risks. The Treasure Coast is in a high risk hurricane zone. 90 hurricanes have been recorded in the Martin County, FL since 1930. The largest hurricane was Unnamed in 1933. The most recent Treasure Coast Martin – St Lucie County, FL hurricane was Ana in 2015.

Florida home insurance policy owners should know that no two insurance carriers’ policies are alike. Each home insurance policy is written by a team of insurance company legal experts to meet the financial and legal risk profile that the company wishes to accept for the premium paid. The State of Florida does regulate the insurance industry and many terms of coverage are protected by law but there can be many areas of exclusion and payout limitations that are specific to each contract. When a claim is disputed, it’s easy for a consumer to feel overwhelmed their friendly neighborly insurance agent isn’t in the process it’s done by the claims department which has an entirely different agenda than the sales agent.

While there are “all risks” home insurance policies available from Florida insurance companies, many times the insurance coverage offered and selected by homeowners is the minimum required by banks and mortgage companies to protect the loan amount. In addition, each peril covered may have a variety of specific terms and conditions that can be disputed by an insurance company’s claims department. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to not receive the full claim payout they deserve.  As a policy owner, you should know that insurance companies typically act to protect their financial interests and not yours.

If you have important home insurance claim dispute or legal issues or concerns, call the Treasure Coast office of Insurance Litigation Group for a consultation at (772) 248-4050.

The Insurance Litigation Group was formed to protect Florida insurance policy owners from opportunistic insurance companies that wish to unfairly limit or deny legitimate policy claims. With an office in Fort Pierce, the Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) can quickly intervene in a dispute with the insurance company claims department and protect your legal and policy rights. The law firm of ILG employs professional case investigators, who work closely with contractors and mitigation companies. The Fort Pierce lawyers of the Insurance Litigation Group have a deep understanding of insurance company claim limiting tactics and have advanced technology to track and manage your case successfully throughout the claims and legal process.

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