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South Texas Warns Others While Facing Hurricane Hanna and COVID Surges

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This past Saturday, Hurricane Hanna, the first storm of the 2020 Atlantic season, hit the South Texas Coast, sending heavy wind and rain through the area. The storm’s winds were predicted to hit a 300-mile area of the shoreline, and leave about 18 inches of rain through Monday. This natural disaster hit as the state was also facing tremendous spikes in Coronavirus deaths.

People will now be forced to deal with the aftermath of the storm, including evacuating and sheltering for some, while also staying safe from Coronavirus and following pandemic restrictions and guidelines.

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, made a statement on Saturday regarding the storm, explaining how the combination of the hurricane and the Coronavirus surge was a huge challenge for the state. “This challenge is complicated and made even more severe, seeing that it’s sweeping through an area that is the most challenged area in the state for COVID-19.”

The area that was effected by Hurricane Hana has been having difficulty in the past few weeks regarding Coronavirus. There has been a surge in the number of outbreaks- as of last Friday, the state’s coast had tens of thousands of cases, with over 400 people being newly hospitalized.

Other areas in the U.S. facing the 2020 Atlantic storm season can learn from South Texas’ recent experience. Officials have put out warnings expressing the need for extra hurricane preparation in times of Coronavirus, stating the importance of all residents having extra masks to get them through.

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