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Storms Hit Destin & Orlando – ILG Working With Restoration Contractors

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The National Weather Service’s warnings to Northwest and Central Florida residents came true, as storms literally mowed down parts of Destin, Orlando and surrounding areas Thursday morning, damaging several homes and commercial structures with the storm’s 37-44 MPH winds, heavy rain and intense lightning.  There were also reports of two residential fires in Destin that possibly could have started as a result of lightning from the strong squalls. 

photo credits: NWF Daily News

With strong storms comes widespread roof and water damage, and those are the reports we are receiving from homeowners and restoration contractors we work with.

ILG has been working with roofing and plumbing contractors statewide for more than 15 years during following named storms and during non-storm times.  Our number one mission is to get our contractor clients paid fairly and quickly by the insurance companies.    

It is not uncommon that insurance companies to deny, delay and underpay roof damage and water claims with unreasonable documentation requests, claims of preexisting conditions and other tactics can make you feel it’s a David versus Goliath scenario for your company; not with ILG on your side!

At ILG, we’ve developed winning litigation strategies for our contractor clients, under AOB and after last year’s difficult legislation went into effect.  Lawsuits are served under 5 days and managed by our experienced property insurance dispute attorneys.  Clients have access to our cloud-based Client Portal and receive email notifications at every stage of the case.

We aim to please with maximum recovery and rapid settlements.

At ILG, our experienced and aggressive attorneys take the time to analyze and interpret the homeowner’s policy and understand the full measure of damages available. We work diligently to determine the facts and give you an honest assessment. Don’t delay and contact us today for a free consultation in Florida. The Insurance Litigation Group professionals will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are paid correctly for the time and materials you expended on each job.

Free Initial In-Home Consultation Complete the form below to have ILG contact you for a complimentary consultation regarding your claims. Our fees are often paid by the insurance company, and as always, No Recovery, No Fee. * All Fields Required.
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