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Strong Storms Hit Central Florida as Hurricane Season Continues

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Just yesterday afternoon, intense storms ran through Central Florida causing consequential damage specifically in DeLand. Flooding, as well as other issues occurred; many cities have trees, power lines, and other objects and debris that were tossed around by storm winds, causing damage to the surrounding areas.

Winds gained enough strength and speed to call for tornado warnings throughout the area, and heavy flooding was found throughout, causing flood advisories as well. Over 1,800 people in Osceola County found themselves without power following the storm, hoping that it would be back up and running within a day.

While these storms did not evolve into something stronger, such as a hurricane, they still came full force amidst our 2020 hurricane season and brought damage to the affected areas. It is important to be prepared for anything that this hurricane storm season may throw your way.

If you believe this storm caused damage to your home, contact us for a FREE, qualified inspection by one of our experienced attorneys and investigators! We’re also happy to provide you with a FREE homeowners policy review so you can understand what you do and do not have coverage for before the next major storm hits and it’s too late. Message us here.

If you have experienced an insurance loss from a major storm, don’t be surprised if the insurance company’s first reaction is to claim that your damage is due to some pre-existing condition or assert that your claim is not covered under the terms of your policy or even cancel your policy based on recently-discovered “errors” in your application. But don’t worry.

At ILG, our experienced and aggressive attorneys take the time to analyze and interpret your policy and understand the full measure of damages available to you. We work with construction experts, restoration professionals and others to determine the facts.

Don’t delay and contact us today for a free consultation in Florida.

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