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Blog 10 segunda

Hurricane season begins: Things you may not know about one of nature’s fiercest forces

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The Alabama Local made a list of the 10 things you need to know about hurricanes as well as the important facts that we learned from las year’s season and here is what they pointed out: Number of storms last year: 15 named storms, eight hurricanes, two of them major ones. Where did the… Read More »

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Climate Change Might Weaken Wind Barrier Protecting Florida from Hurricanes

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The Miami News Times published an article addressing a new study from NOAA and Columbia University that claims that due to climate change the wind shear along the East Coast will likely weaken. The study says that greenhouse gases are going to weaken the wind shear which ultimately acts as a barrier that protects… Read More »

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Study Affirms Callahan Prime For Flooding

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

On May 21, 2019, more than 30 residents of Nassau County attended a meeting to look at area and floods maps as well as review a study that predicts that areas in and around Callahan are vulnerable for flooding even in the event of a category one hurricane. The Nassau County record covered the… Read More »

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Forecasters slightly boost the projected number of storms this Atlantic hurricane season

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science projected an increase in the numbers of hurricanes predicted from five to six and an increase in the number of named storms, including tropical storms from 13 to 14. Despite this prediction, the CSU made clear in an article published in The… Read More »

The great miami storm

Florida History: The biggest hurricanes to hit Florida, part one

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The state of Florida has been known for its hot weather, beautiful coastlines and of course Disney World, but there is also another not so pretty thing that characterizes this state: hurricanes. Sticking out at the bottom of the country, with a 1,350-mile coastline, Florida is located in a place that makes it the… Read More »

Blog 5

FEMA Sending Almost $120 Million to Miami-Dade for Hurricane Irma Debris Removal

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

According to the Florida Daily, U.S. Rep Debbie Mucarsel-Powell announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was sending $119,063,620 to Miami-Dade County to help remove debris left behind from Hurricane Irma. The congresswomen and representative of the district specified different areas where the funding was necessary, like the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative and… Read More »

Blog 4

Hurricane officials warn Floridians to prepare in advance of the upcoming storm season

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

Palm Beach County Emergency Management Director, Bill Johnson, spoke during the Governor’s Hurricane Conference about the necessary precautions Floridians have to take for this year’s hurricane season. Johnson addressed the lack of preparedness of Florida residents, something that was apparent after last year’s season. “Recent studies also show that as many as 74 percent… Read More »

Blog 2

Storm season could be met with ‘skittishness’

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The beginning of summer 2019 also brought with it the start of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season and the residents of Florida are feeling “skittish” about it. “I’m not going anywhere, but I’m not riding them out,” said David Kiser, Mexico Beach resident, when he was asked about this year’s season. In an article… Read More »


Hurricane Michael Victims left out of President’s National Emergency Declaration which diverts $3.6 billion from military construction accounts

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

The need is there for Hurricane Michael victims, but the four months after the storm hit, still no federal funding has been included in congressional bills or President Trump’s Emergency Declaration nor has it been a part of the Compromise Funding bill known as the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019. As of Feb. 15,… Read More »


Hurricane Preparation Checklist

By Insurance Litigation Group, P.A. |

  During hurricane season, people usually wait until the last minute to scramble and pick up the emergency supplies they may need to outlast a storm. But if you don’t scramble fast enough, you may be out of luck. Within days of a storm being announced, shelves at the local supermarket are cleared out… Read More »

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