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Once we receive and review your file, we typically file a lawsuit against the insurance company immediately. Bringing in an experienced insurance litigator often means the difference between having your dispute settled fairly and quickly and receiving the run-around many contractors experience when trying to handle their AOB claim by themselves.

At Insurance Litigation Group, we are client-focused and geared to work with contractors. Our outstanding service, cutting edge technology and excellent staff is committed to streamlining the legal process, reducing litigation time and keeping the pressure on insurance companies to pursue maximum recovery on your claims.

Experienced in Helping

Water Damage

Water Damage Contractors

Restoration/mitigation contractors play a valuable role in preventing further water damage resulting from a plumbing, appliance, roof or other sudden and accidental water leak or intrusion issue. They provide water extraction and drying services.

Mold Damage


These licensed professionals provide inspection, containment, removal, cleaning, air filtration and restoration services resulting from potentially dangerous mold infestations.



In the case of a sudden and accidental plumbing or appliance leak, licensed plumbers are often called in to stop the leak and make necessary repairs.



In Florida, almost daily storms as well as occasional hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes can damage or destroy rooves. Tiles, shingles and flashing can fly off while trees and airborne debris may cause water intrusion problems. That’s when licensed roofers are called.

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Michael Biberman

Michael Biberman - Attorney/Founder

Michael Biberman is the founder and principal attorney of Insurance Litigation Group (ILG), a Florida-based law firm concentrating in first party insurance litigation on behalf of residential homeowners, commercial business owners, and restoration companies performing mitigation services under an assignment of benefits from the policyholder. Prior to starting ILG, Michael was a full time dedicated public adjuster.

Michael set out to start a career in insurance law because he had an unrelenting goal to address all the short comings that he personally experienced as a public adjuster, when he sent his files to the other insurance litigation firms. They just didn’t understand the needs of the homeowner and corporate client like a public adjuster does and were therefore unable to service the clients, communicate with them effectively or provide them with their maximum recovery.

Michael Biberman

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What our clients are saying...

"ILG is a very business-like company run by professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry."
- Rachel B.
"ILG is a very business-like company run by professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry."
- Rachel B.
"ILG is a very business-like company run by professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry."
- Rachel B.

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