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Top Seven Hurricane Season Misconceptions

seven misconceptions

According to the Tampa Bay Times, these are just seven of the potentially harmful misconceptions surrounding hurricane season.

  1. “I am insured.”

Many homeowners assume they are covered by their insurance. However, unlike flood insurance, most home policies don’t cover damages caused by a hurricane, tropical storm or even a severe rain storm. It’s important to make sure you are correctly insured before a storm. This does not only apply to hurricane season, as flooding can happen at any time. Keep in mind that flood insurance can take around 30 days to come into effect, so this is something you should take care of as soon as possible.

2. “I can’t afford to prepare for the storm.”

Many per hurricane preparations are completely free of cost. Some of the important precautions you should be taking include gathering important document, photographs, and keepsakes and checking evacuation zones or find friends or family that you can potentially stay with. You should have valuables ready to go in case of an evacuation and you should have a place in mind where you can stay. Another low cost necessity is stocking up with nonperishable foods or bottled water little by little and well in advance of a storm.

3. “The hurricane is/isn’t predicted to come right towards us.”

The projections shown in the news represent “the cone of uncertainty”. Many people believe that the center of the cone is its path, the size is its actual size, or that if the cone doesn’t directly cover their home, they won’t get hit. All the cone means is that anyone in its area should prepare. The hurricane can be centered anywhere in the general area outlined by the cone and people on the outskirts will likely feel the effects.

4. “This storm will be just like the last one.”

No two storms are ever the same. Never assume anything about a storm, because they are all different and just because you have experienced one with a higher category, doesn’t mean this one isn’t going to be as dangerous.

5. “We don’t need to worry about masks.”

The pandemic won’t disappear when the storms come. Make sure to include masks in your hurricane preparations. Not everyone is yet vaccinated, especially children, and it can be risky to congregate in shelters not knowing everyone else’s vaccination status. When in shelters, there will still be a need for masks and for social distancing.

6. “The sandbags will take care of the flooding.”

No amount of sandbags will keep storm surges or flooding out of your home. While they can delay the process, they aren’t entirely reliable. If used properly, sandbags can however keep minor flooding out of entryways such as garage doors and doors.

7. “We have time.”

There will come a time when it is too late to make preparations. Grocery stores sell out, last minute issues arise, and storms themselves are unpredictable. Make sure you prepare as soon as you possibly can for a hurricane. Some of the necessary precautions necessary in advance of a hurricane can take weeks, not days, and therefore need to be started well in advance of hurricane season.

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