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Two New Atlantic Systems: Storms to Come?

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We have seen quite an active Atlantic hurricane season so far, and there are now two more areas that are being watched by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for possible storm development.

One of the systems is projected to hit central and western Carribean later this week, with possibilities of it forming into a tropical depression. The second system on watch is located off the coast of Africa, and could evolve into a tropical depression within the next few days- however, it is not projected to affect any land areas. Upper-level winds are a key factor that will determine whether or not these systems develop into strong storms, and the NHC predicts that there is a 40% chance that a tropical depression will form in the following days.

The start of increased tropical activity is quite normal towards the end of August, which will lead to peak activity that begins September 10th.

We will soon find ourselves facing the peak of this 2020 hurricane season- are you prepared? Taking the necessary precautions, especially during times of the COVID-19 pandemic, is essential. Insurance Litigation Group is a top-5, statewide property damage litigation law firm with a team of expert attorneys that are prepared to help you through hurricane season.

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