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Water Damage Insurance Claims Can be Costly

If you ever experienced water damage in your Florida home or business, it can be devastating, expensive and a health risk. When water damage occurs, your life, the safety and well-being of loved ones can change quickly. If you experience water damage, you are not alone. According to an ISO report, water damage home insurance claims are the second most frequent insurance claim, after hurricane, tropical storm and hail damage. Also reported is the fact that water damage claims have been increasing.

Insurance policies can be very technical and difficult to understand. That is why Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) offers Florida home and business owners who have experienced water damage a no-charge insurance policy review. They can also help you bring in experienced water clean-up and mold remediation professionals to handle the initial clean-up as well as contractors who can assess the damage and help determine what it will take to bring your property back to its original condition.

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Types of Water Damage Covered and Not Covered

Water damage can be categorized as either “gradual damage” or caused by a “sudden incident.” Some of these water claims are covered in in a homeowners or business insurance policy while others are not. This depends on the specific policy language covering your Florida home or business.

Examples of water claims that are frequently covered include:

  • Overflow of a toilet, sink, bathtub, spa or shower
  • Broken pipe
  • Water heater leak or burst water supply
  • Roof leak
  • Damage to home, door or window from a storm
  • Leaking water supply from a toilet, sink, icemaker, etc.
  • Most covered water damage claims must be described as accidental and sudden; not for leaks caused by defect design, poor maintenance or age

Types of water damage that are not typically covered include:

  • Water damage from a Flood. These claims are only covered by Flood Insurance. Floods are caused by water entering a home or building from the ground, because of excessive rain, a flooding pond, creek, river, bay, ocean, estuary, etc.
  • Sewer or water backup
  • Water damage caused by seepage through the foundation and/or walls
  • Mold caused by gradual leaks or seepage
  • Electrical wiring in poor condition
  • Roofs with poor maintenance or at the end of its useful life

Gradual water damage is not usually covered in most home insurance policies, so even though your policy could cover water damage, if the reason for the damage is not accidental or sudden, it might not be covered. Without proper maintenance, homes deteriorate, causing all kinds of problems for owners. Things can go wrong in places like walls, windows, attics, porches, doors and crawl spaces and you may not discover the rot, mold or other types of deterioration, sometimes for years.

When do insurance companies cover gradual damage?

A trained professional can help you figure this out. It is based on the language in the insurance contract or policy. Our experienced claims consultants and insurance attorneys can help you review the policy exclusions and types of coverage you are entitled to.

Why was my water damage claim denied? What can be done to have the decision changed?

If the insurance company denies your claim(s), make sure to ask for a full, detailed explanation, and get it in writing. It is the insurance company’s obligation to show you exactly what part of the contract or policy excluded coverage.

The insurance company has many professionals representing their interests during a claim. With insurance being as technical and complex as it is, you should do the same, by calling on the expertise and experience of a licensed Florida insurance attorney. They are equipped to deal with the insurance company’s agent, adjusters, contractors, legal department and others.

Don’t let your insurance company give you the run-around when your family or Florida home or business has experienced water damage. They may try to make the insurance claim more complicated than it is and deny, delay or underpay your claim. Our practice is statewide, and we have offices in Miami, Fort Pierce and Miramar Beach Florida.

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